Advanced Suite, aka Patrick Palone, a music producer twisting sounds in Downtempo, Chill out, House, Techno, Psychedelic, and anything in-between. Starting his musical journey in 2000 DJing, Advanced Suite  grew his musical abilities into producing music by 2004. Not long after in 2007, he scored his first release "Plastic Curve EP" on Ambiosphere Recordings. Along with many other releases and labels for the preceding years 2007-2012. In 2012, Advanced Suite released two full length albums, one on Mojear Records "Stagazer" as Advanced Suite, and one on Ambiosphere Recordings "Selected Chillers Part One and Two" as Patrick Palone. That would be the last time he uses the Patrick Palone alias. At that point, he started using the alias Advanced Suite in 2012 for all releases and performances. Taking a brief hiatus from releases in 2012-2015, he began focusing his energy on Live Performance. After making a return to the studio in 2016 with a release on Mojear Records "CYKIDLX", Advanced Suite began to Self Publish his music on his page, beginning with a full length album "The Space Between Space" released in 2017. 

Finding likable qualities in all types of music, Advanced suite gravitated towards the psychedelic side of things. Finding enjoyment in the idea that you could take a journey in minutes through artists like Globular, Quanta and Ott just to name a few of whom gave Advanced Suite the stable ground he stands on today.

Advanced Suite's latest release "The Space Between Space" 2017:

"Could be viewed as a moving painting. Everything from the hypnotic rhythms to the dancing interchanging crystal arps to the fx and harmonics to the warping melodic basses to the overall emotion and choice of sounds... It takes you on a journey into the unknown." - Last Alternative

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psychedelic music producer 

Advanced Suite

Advanced Suite