Hidden in plain sight out July 1

Hidden In Plain Sight is inspired by the world we live in, kindness, love and fear. It’s an album for the mind travelers, conscious expanders and entities with candor. I hope it to be thought provoking, inspiring and useful as a reference point for when we all became a little bit better human beings.

Advanced Suite

A make it up take on down-mid tempo tripped out jilted techno from the dub streets of 5280.

By creating a style of psychedelic music that is both intimate and unique, Advanced Suite pushes the boundaries of all genres and takes story telling to an audibly immersive place. His music can be viewed like a moving painting creating vivid images rooted in nostalgia. The overall emotion and choice of sound create a hypnotic environment paired with danceable rhythms, inspiring listeners to escape from reality and move into realms of unknown familiarity.

With over 20 years of production experience and 20+ albums, Advanced Suite continues to push the envelope. Blending the lines between pop and psychedelic, we find ourselves landing in places of thought provoking fun.

Join Advanced Suite in journeys beyond and become swept away by the musical storytelling.


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